Welcome to QIZHONGLABS.com.

QIZHONGLABS was registered by Dr. Zhong in 2010. Dr. Zhong has worked as a biomedical researcher for many years. In 2010, he became a full time inventor and designed new bioreactors. In 2013, he built the first high density photobioreactor (HDP) with improved gas transferring rates, high lighting efficiency and self-clean ability, which is the only model which can deliver the high growth efficiency at large scales. He conducted the algae cultivation testing on the HDP with his partners in China from 2013 to 2014. After further improvements on the design, the HDP could be one of the most cost effective bioreactors. The HDP can be assembled into arrays which can achieve the capacity comparable to that of ponds to strip carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide from flue gases simultaneously and at low costs. Dr. Zhong is actively looking for partners to move the project further to solve the air pollution problems and save the environment.

Meanwhile, QIZHONG LABS provides website construction and management services, project consulting services and offers cultivation tools.


Warmest welcome to QIZHONG LABS.

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