Alga Proliferator

Alga Proliferators (Model: AP-650), the new photobioreactors, are made of transparent polypropylene which can not withstand high temperatures. It holds 650 ml of medium and uses 4W of electricity. AP-650 maximizes the algaeā€™s absorbance of carbon dioxide from the air by enhancing the gas transfer rate and enlarging the surface area of the algae. Compared … Continue reading Alga Proliferator


Oxygen-Enriched Microbe Cultivation Systems (Model: OEMCS-650), the new bioreactors, are made of polypropylene which can withstand temperatures as high as 98 degree Celsius. It holds up to 600 ml of culture medium and uses 4W of electricity. The high culture efficiency comes from an enhanced oxygen transfer rate between the air and the medium. The … Continue reading OEMCS

High Density Incubator

A photobioreactor is a bioreactor that utilizes a light source to cultivate phototrophic microorganisms. These organisms use photosynthesis to generate biomass from light and carbon dioxide and include plants, mosses, macroalgae, microalgae, cyanobacteria and purple bacteria.